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The 1998th Midnight Dragon by midnightdragon1998 The 1998th Midnight Dragon :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 1 3
Fanfic: taleUnder- chapter 5
The one and only vote, A) stay quiet
Now Towki really had no idea what to say or do. Neither did Frisk.
Sans just stared at Towki as he nervously waited for her answer. Suddenly, an idea flashed inside Towki's head.
"Your name's Sans, right?"
Sans nodded twice slowly, indicating his confirmation.
"And that big guy who tried to kill me is your brother?"
If Sans had eyeballs, they would've glow in excitement.
"Yes, his name is Papyrus and he is head of the royal guard. He is really good in making sure the un- I mean, the groundUnder is safe, away from bad humans."
"Hmm, then I guess he knows everything about this place. I'm Towki, by the way. Pleased to meet you."
The artificial dragon tooth didn't glow but Frisk made sure they were acknowledged by the pre-teen.
"What are you doing, Towki?" Frisk whispered.
"Trust me."
Sans' excited expression turned back into confusion, "you said something?"
"I said trust me, you can prove your older brother is so amazingly cool enough to know the
:iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 0 0
Fanfic: taleUnder- chapter 4
All Towki could see was nothing but red leaves as she moved her face in different directions to get a better view.
"Frisk, what was that sound?"
"I don't know, sis. Can you try to find out?"
She hesitated a little. The encounter with a not-so-friendly Papyrus made her a little paranoid.
But she knew she had to put her fears aside to save Frisk.
"Uh, hey. I know you're up there. Come out before I climb up and... And... Make you regret it. Show yourself, I know who you are already."
"You do?" Frisk whispered at Towki. She hushed at them without taking her eyes off the tree.
"Didn't you hear me? Come. Out. Now."
"Who's there!" A feminine voice sounded from afar.
"This is private property, now scram."
"Towki, it sounds like Toriel." Frisk said. But their voice sounded unsure if it was the same goat mother they once knew before the glitch.
"Should I be scared?" She whispered.
"I can sense your presence from behind the tree. I suggest you leave the ruins immediately before I call the royal g
:iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 0 0
Gift: Maple for Maplewood1234 by midnightdragon1998 Gift: Maple for Maplewood1234 :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 1 1 SOULMATES by midnightdragon1998 SOULMATES :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 3 3 Doggy eyes by midnightdragon1998 Doggy eyes :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 2 0 Training by midnightdragon1998 Training :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 0 0 Gift: Candytale Sans for Abbie by midnightdragon1998 Gift: Candytale Sans for Abbie :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 6 1 SquadPic: the gift of friendship by midnightdragon1998 SquadPic: the gift of friendship :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 4 2
fanfic: taleUnder- chapter 3
"Ok," Towki whispered low, slightly intimidated by the sight of the tall skeleton, "what should I do, Frisk?"
The charm began to float in front of Towki's face as if Frisk could see through the fake dragon tooth. It began to move carefully which it looked like it was studying Papyrus.
Papyrus watched the glowing charm with suspicious eye sockets, "Human, I command you to put that thing away or else I'm going to have to use force."
Towki took one step back starting with her left foot, "Tell me now," she whispered to Frisk's consciousness, "I'm getting nervous."
The charm dropped back to her chest but didn't stop glowing, "Go past him, Towki, trust me. He was harmless when I met him. I'm pretty sure his personality hasn't changed." Then the glowing stopped.
Towki hesitated but after ten seconds, her left foot took a step forward and began to walk past the heavily armored Papyrus.
"Human," Papyrus said, "I gave you a choice and you've descided to learn the hard way."
Towki just nervously
:iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 0 0
fanfic: taleUnder- chapter 2
Clovey the Clover
  I have chosen: C) look down to see how deep the fall is.
  Towki took some careful steps forward and laid on her stomach once she got close to the edge of the opening. Just to be safe, she patted the dirt around her until she found a big heavy rock and dropped it inside and waited.
  It felt like forever before she heard the rock hit the ground.
  "Only thirty three seconds long," she told herself, "where can I find something that can hold my weight?"
  She stood up and looked around the woods to find something that can make her landing safe until she found a lose tree branch.
  "That might do."
  She walked to the tree and pulled on the branch until she was sure it will not break while she was using it.
  "Okay, here goes nothing."
  Towki took a deep breath, looked down the opening and climbed down with the branch on her hands. It seemed like it was going well until she heard a snap. Next thing she knew, she was falli
:iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 1 0
fanfic: taleUnder- chapter 1
Message in a dream
  A twelve year old child named Towki threw her breath to the single candle that sat on top of a piece of bread.
  "Happy thirteenth birthday to me," she sighed. After many days has passed since the dissappearance of her younger slibling named Frisk, Towki, now thirteen years old and no longer a child, has stopped finding anything worth to exist for. The loss of their parents made Towki vow to protect Frisk now that they were the last thing she had. But now she felt lonely and guilty for making Frisk feel like crap before they dissappeared.
  Towki held the fake blue dragon tooth charm from the necklace that Frisk gave her two days before their argument and two days before Frisk went missing.
  After changing into her red oversized shirt for her petite body and lose pajama shorts, she brushed her long brown hair that reached her lower back and tied it into a ponytail. She layed on the bottom bed of the bunkbed that belonged to the orphanage she re
:iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 1 0
taleUnder fanfiction summary
What if Frisk had an older sister?
  Towki, Frisk's thirteen year old sister, wakes up early morning after dreaming of her missing younger sibling telling her their whereabouts and mentioning about some timeline malfunction that caused a glitch and how they're cluelessly stuck, unable to advance.
  Determined to find her only family member left, Towki goes down the underground and finds many bizarre views and monsters.
  But some quests have their limit. Time limit.
  Will Towki heartlessly run through the many confused and helpless monsters to find Frisk, or will she help the monsters find who they really are and use up some of her limited time to find her sibling?
:iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 1 0
The genocide squad by midnightdragon1998 The genocide squad :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 2 1 So glamorous by midnightdragon1998 So glamorous :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 3 1 SquadPic: souper shop by midnightdragon1998 SquadPic: souper shop :iconmidnightdragon1998:midnightdragon1998 5 3
I don't post much because I always have trouble submitting.



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Black Aura The Fallen
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
19 year old female child. Call me Black Aura. Why? Because you gotta.
I am a weird freak and I love it! And the weird freak is not alone, she has her own freaks as well. (freaks = friends)

I have a lot to discover about myself.

List of my fandoms:
- Undertale
- Batman
- Happy Tree Friends
- Alice: Madness Returns
- The Nightmare Before Christmas
- Creepypasta
- My Little Pony
- Edgar Allan Poe

Midnight Song by midnightdragon1998
That's My Little Pony OC of mine. Her name is Midnight Song.

My birthday badge

19 years old and I still don't want to drive. I'M SCARED OF THE CRASH POSSIBILITIES.

I'm straight, I have a boyfriend, but I do respect the LGBT community. SUPPORTER FOREVER!

Native-born Mexican and proud.
Aun se como hablar, escribir, y leer en Espanol. Si nesesitas ayuda con comunicasion, yo te puedo ayudar.
"I still know how to speak, write, and read in Spanish. If you need help with communication, I can help you."


I'm 19 but I look 15. I'm a short Mexican and nobody suspects a thing.

Math is my worst enemy. I hate Mental Abuse To Humans. Together we can stop this abuse.

Undertale by sapphiix I'm a Trypanophobic by Galialay Dude Stamp by kittygurl521

:thumb590592153: Sans - Undertale by WEndigo-666 [please let this die] by rachelhi

My friends are the most important people I hold dear to my heart. I would rather lose my family and be orphaned than to lose my friends and be lonely.

Things you should know about me:
-I am really sensitive
-I have depression but my friends help me be happy
-I am self-conscious
-I love to play the evil guy
-I may be a girl, but I hate it when people tell me I can't do certain things because "I'm a woman"
-I love challenges
-I'm a thrill seeker
-I act more like a guy than a girl
-I only wear eyeliner, I hate other types of makeup
-I love to roleplay
-I often need inspiration for me to draw something
-I love to imagine
-I take walks outside at night to think clear
-I have low self-esteem but it's easy for me to get distracted
-My friends call me the innocent
-Being weird is my gift
-I love creepy stuff and to be creepy
-I wear glasses every moment of my day
-I am a pisces
-I love to take risks
-My biggest fear are syringes
**I only wear black clothes. I hate wearing colors, it makes me feel uneasy. Besides, black is my favorite color.**

Things I love to do:
-Dance under the spotlight
-Draw fan art
-hang out with my freaks (instead of calling them my friends, I call them freaks. I mean, that's what we really are; freaks)
-Perform for others
-play the viola (orchestral instrument)
-live roleplay
-redesign dolls
-make perler bead art
-watch funny youtube videos
-make my own halloween costumes
-scare people
-laugh so much it hurts or I get the hiccups
-celebrate Halloween
-respect other people's descitions and preferences
-listen to instrumentals (not a big fan of songs)
-talk to myself
-watching creepy videos
-being weird
-petting and giving tons of love to cats
-helping animals
-laughing with my freaks



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